Outsourcing Your anticrisis solution

  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Speed
  • Control
  • Savings
  • A new market? Don’t hold back!

    Adapt the size of your teams in real-time according to your needs and fluctuations in your business. With GMS, you can respond to the requirements of your market and the current economic situation without constraints.

  • Experts specialized in your core business

    With extensive experience in selling complex products, GMS has staff with the optimum skill set to meet the requirements of your market.

  • A pool of experts at your disposal immediately

    Have staff with the right skills on hand immediately to put together sales teams whenever you need them.

  • Retain control

    GMS provides you with total control over what our teams are doing on your behalf thanks to our exclusive real-time reporting tool and our commitments on results.

  • Cheaper than internal solutions

    Benefit from the economies of scale related to specialization. By taking advantage of the pooling of costs you can bring yours down!

L'externalisation La solution anti-crise

  • Flexibilité

    Un nouveau marché ? N’ayez plus de frein !

  • Efficacité

    Des experts spécialisés dans votre métier.

  • Rapidité

    Un vivier d’experts immédiatement mobilisable.

  • Maîtrise

    Gardez le contrôle sur les actions.

  • Économie

    Un coût inférieur aux solutions internes.

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