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End to End SPO

End to End SPO : a new mode of distribution :

With its perfect knowledge of the sales cycle and customer relations, GMS decided to offer its customers a new approach to sales outsourcing, which provides an effective alternative to indirect distribution through a wholesaler.


A new mode of distribution

This new approach enables clients to outsource the entire distribution process for their products: sales, advertising, storage, routing and after-sales, while guaranteeing strict monitoring of the market, and the possibility of reassuming control over the process at any time.

By allowing your sales forces, logistics / negotiations and after-sales support to work together as one, End to End Sales Process Outsourcing offers all the advantages of indirect distribution: flexibility, low investment, quick implementation and efficiency related to specialization, all combined with the benefits of direct distribution - total control over operations and after-sales service.

Several major key accounts have already been won over by this new approach, and have chosen it as an alternative way to distribute their products.


A five-stage process :

  • Implementation of an outsourced B-to-B sales structure, responsible for negotiations and promotion within the targeted distribution channels (Sell-In), in line with the conditions and strategic choices specified by the customer: retail chains, regions, terms of sale and pricing, etc.
  • Two options for outsourced management of logistics for your products:
    • Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI): the products remain the property of the client, with GMS only managing deliveries and invoicing.
    • Purchase of inventory: GMS buys the products then sells them on to distribution channels according to the conditions negotiated by the customer with independent retailers or retail chains.
  • Implementation of an outsourced B-to-C structure by GMS (sales promoters, salespeople), to ensure the sale and promotion of products to end customers (sell-out).
  • Implementation of first and second-level external after-sales support: on-site and off-site maintenance, hotline, customer support.
  • Implementation of an extranet reporting system enabling the customer to access all information to maintain control over operations in real-time: sales, market share by store, numeric distribution, weighted distribution, schedule, stock, retail prices, representatives, etc.


For further information on GMS End to End SPO, please contact our experts